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  • Folder changing properties

    Well… another program helped me so much. WinSetView provides an easy way to set Windows File Explorer default folder views. For example, if you want Details view, with a particular selection of column headings enabled across all folders, then WinSetView will do that for you. If you are like me and stuck having to…

  • Best Background for PC

    WorldClock is the definitive desktop clock program for Windows. It offers timezone, timesync, alarm, reminder and calendar functionality as well as giving you the option of enhancing your desktop wallpaper with time and weather related information

  • Linux Password Reset

    Resetting a Root Password in Ubuntu In some situations, you may need to access an account for which you’ve lost or forgotten a password. Step 1: Boot to Recovery Mode Restart your system. Once you see the splash screen for the computer manufacturer, hold down the shift key. The system should come up with a black and…